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A way to acheive your DESIRED PTE SCORE, within the SHORTEST TIME possible, with the LEAST number of ATTEMPTS.

final intake for 2019 on 23rd and 24th Nov. 

How to Get your Desired Score in PTE: Advice from PTE scorers

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Why Training is Important for PTE Preparation: The PTE Intensive Program

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Past Student Scores

Our students show significant improvement, especially in the Speaking sections due to the techniques we impart upon them during our PTE course.

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Past Students Feedback

Our pride and joy, the students who have worked hard with us and acheived amazing PTE scores they can be proud of. See what they have to say.

I wasted more than a year on IELTS only to achieve band 7  repeatedly until I met Sue Anne and Kelly. Without a second thought I joined Master PTE which is the greatest decision I had ever made. Their teaching techniques are simple yet powerful to achieve a good score in PTE. Thanks to the two wonderful teachers, I achieved my desired score of 79+ in PTE and submitted EOI for Australian Migration.
Thank you very much Sue and Kelly for helping me.

Kiran Attaluri

I am glad that I have enrolled PTE workshop with Master PTE which assisted me to score my desired score within 2 weeks. Thank you for Sue Ann and Kelly for their amazing teaching techniques and passion.I am glad that I have enrolled PTE workshop with Master PTE which assisted me to score my desired score within 2 weeks. Thank you for Sue Ann and Kelly for their amazing teaching techniques and passion.

Gloria Teo
Sarawak, Malaysia

I would like to thank Sue Anne for pushing me through for practices and coaching, thank Kelly for advises and encouragement. I particularly enjoyed this pleasant and yet intensive experience from them. That to me is the key to success. I was able to achieve my targeted score in 2 weeks time despite other commitments I was dealing with. Suitable for working adults who like to achieve higher score in short period of time.

Ken Lee
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The coaches from Master PTE gave detailed analysis on my English proficiency, and recommended
the type of preparation programs targeting specific areas that required
improvements. The group sessions were both engaging and fun, and I had the opportunity to meet
other aspiring individuals and learned together. Such an experience is not something you can get from e-learning courses, and in my humble opinion, that’s how we’ll really improve.

Calvin Chin
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thank you very much everyone and especially to Sue Anne and Kelly for making my dream come true. I sat for IELTs and PTE examination twice before attending your course and couldn’t get my desired score. Now my scorecard improved tremendously especially speaking where i got a PERFECT score! I will highly recommend your course to anyone who intends to migrate to Australia. God bless you both abundantly and all the best to the others.

Doris Devadas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Thanks all for your encouragement. It’s really DOABLE. to tell you the truth, I was very nervous during the test as I usually would be during any exam. More so when I know I have do this right the first time.
My tips: Practice, practice, practice, practice and keep engaging with Kelly and Sue Anne. Listen to their advice and DO as they tell you to.
Everyone can do this. You guys are in good hands with Kelly and Sue Anne.
I took 2 months to complete. I believe I can complete faster if I spent more time practicing.

Tan Jue Li
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I took IELTS twice, then PTE twice and got an average of band 6 (IELTS) or 50 points (PTE). When I found Master PTE, I wasn’t sure if they were able to help me because of the big gap between what I got and what I needed. But they did! And I got my exam done with a month’s worth of practice. Master PTE gave great guidance on how to prepare in the correct direction so that I was able to make huge improvements over a short period of time.

Penang, Malaysia

Before I knew about PTE MASTER, I had sat for IELTS and my first PTE exam but I couldn’t get the result that fulfill my requirement in these exams. I am not good in English and lack of confidence but MASTER PTE provides a very good environment to let me practice speaking English and they teach us the easiest way and template to pass the exam. MASTER PTE makes me realise that English is not so hard to learn, they are very friendly that you can ask for help in practising without feeling stress. Finally I get the result more than I need in the second test, thanks to MASTER PTE!!!

Chai Mun
Kuala lumpur, Malaysia

I want to thank Sue Anne and Kelly for coaching me in achieving my target scores, in only 2 weeks time. They shared useful tips and suggestions, especially beneficial in the speaking section. Anyone who is struggling with the test should sign up for the class to get proper training and practice, it works!

Kay L
Kuala lumpur, malaysia

When my university said that it needed an English proficiency score for enrollment, I chose PTE because it was the fastest way. But the ‘Speaking’ section was really tough and I didn’t manage to get the scores I needed. But after just a week with Master PTE, I managed to double by speaking score from 44 to 80! Their methods are super effective!

Jessie Yeap
Kuala lumpur, malaysia

I had never taken any English exam before and I was really scared to sit for the exam. But I needed my English results urgently for my university application at Monash. Good thing I found out about Master PTE. Kelly and Sue Anne were super helpful from beginning to the end. They taught me the exam techniques and tips and tricks and gave me all the help and advice I needed. So I nailed the exam within 2 weeks, and now I can send my uni applications!

Yan Yao Ewe
Kuala lumpur, malaysia

I sat for PTE several times and still couldn’t achieve my desired score. After attending the workshop with MASTER PTE, I realized that I was preparing in the wrong direction. Kelly highlighted to me that it is very IMPORTANT to understand how PTE marks our answers so now I know to provide answers that the computer wants. It was only after understanding the marking scheme, that I could score in my exam!

Melody Xuan
Melbourne, australia

When I found out I had to take an English test after all these years of never sitting for ANY exam, I was so nervous about how to prep for it! It was a really good thing that I found Master PTE! They guided me very well, giving clear instruction and tips. And with my practice and hard work, I managed to achieve my target score in just ONE attempt!

Wong Bit Pui

I never thought in any way possible, that I was able to achieve full marks for my Speaking test in PTE, until I met the two amazing tutors from Master PTE who guided me and provided a lot of helpful tips in tackling the exam. Wish I found you girls sooner prior to my failed attempts! Classes conducted were effective and efficient and all those subsequent assessments were useful to track your progress and to provide feedback on areas to improve on before attempting for the real exam. Thank you again for the help!

Kuala lumpur, malaysia

Master PTE helped me a lot when I couldn’t achieve my university english requirement score. Master PTE tried their best to teach me and solve my problem, especially the most difficult part for me, which is speaking. Thanks Master PTE for teaching me and I had achieved my university english requirement score. Greatest decision I had ever made.

Jia Jun
Kuala lumpur, malaysia

I hate exams! When I realised that I had no choice but to sit for yet another exam, I jumped out of my skin! Thankfully I discovered MasterPTE. Not only they strive to improve my skills, Sue Anne and Kelly held my hand and guided me through the journey of achieving my desired scores; all in one attempt. If you’re in doubt, MasterPTE is the solution! Period.

Kuala Lumpur

Master PTE has helped me to achieve my target score of 79 for all components. Kelly and Sue Anne were able to pinpoint my weaknesses and patiently guided me with their effective methods. They are fun, friendly and not to mention pretty too! Thank you Master PTE and all the best!!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our PTE Consultants

Experienced in teaching PTE test techniques in a fun and interactive way, and equiped with broad knowledge on PTE exam technicalities.

Kelly Hoo

NAATI Accredited InterpreterPTE Score: Four 90’s

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Chee Sue Anne

Content Writer
PTE Score: Four 90’s

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Johor PTE Test Center Opening – July 2018
Johor PTE Test Center Opening – July 2018
Johor PTE Test Center Opening – July 2018
May 2018 – Workshop
May 2018 – Workshop
Completing Pearson’s PTE Academic Teachers Training
Pearson’s PTE Academic Teachers Training
Signing between Pearson and SCICOM
Australia High Commissioner, Andrew Goledzinowski giving his speech
PTE Test Center SCICOM Launch
Student Success – Four 79’s!
April 2018 – Workshop
April 2018 – Workshop
Student Success – Four 79’s!
Student Success – Four 60’s!
March 2018 – Workshop
Feb 2018 – Workshop
Feb 2018 – Workshop
Feb 2018 – Workshop
Feb 2018 – Workshop
Feb 2018 – Workshop
Feb 2018 – Workshop
Student Success – Four 79’s!
Jan 2018 – Workshop
Jan 2018 – Discussions
Student Success – Four 50’s!
Student Success – Four 65’s!

Why choose PTE as your English Proficiency Test?

Widely Accepted

Approved for all Australian and New Zealand student visa and migration applications

Fair Marking

100% computer-based marking ensures all test takers are scored impartially and accurately

Fast Results

Results are available within three business days, much speedier than other English exams.


Exams are scheduled almost every day. And all PTE exam sections are tested in ONE 3-hour sitting

How to Excel in your PTE Exam?

PTE is broken down into the four sections below. Each section evaluates a specific English language capability and the agregate of the evaluation translates into your overall PTE score. It is important to get familiar with the exam format to perform well for the test.


Ability to produce spoken English in an academic environment



Write responses in academic English with correct grammar & spelling



Ability to read, write and listen to information provided in English



Understand and respond to audio clips played in English


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