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PTE Exam Discount


Planning to sit for PTE Exam?
1. Identify Your Target Score
2. Create a PEARSON account / link your account
3. PTE Exam Preparation
4. PTE Exam Registration.


A. Identify Your Target Score
(Check with your agent / uni for the required target score)

B. Create a Pearson Account / link your account

Click here to fill in your details to create a PEARSON account.

** Please make sure your FIRST NAME & your LAST NAME is exactly the same as your PASSPORT!

Creating a Pearson account is FREE, PEARSON will only charge you if you were to register for the exam.  

Once the Pearson account is created, you will receive an email from Pearson to set up your password. 

Master PTE will not have access to your Pearson Account password. 

If you forget your password,  just click on the  “ forgot password” to reset your password.

You are now ready to book for your PTE Exam / to buy a Pearson mock test using the same account! 

Don’t worry, creating an account is FREE, PEARSON will only charge you if you were to register for the exam.

For those who have already created an account before, click here to fill in your details. PEARSON will then send you an invitation for the partner access, just click on the “accept” button, and Master PTE will be able to book the PTE exam for you. 


C. PTE Exam Preparation

Click here to check out our packages.

PTE Exam is not just an English exam, it’s a combination of English, Response & Knowledge. 

Know what the computer wants to enhance your chance of passing it in a SINGLE attempt; save time, money & effort.

Not sure what’s your current English Level? Click here below for a FREE assessment. 

Contact us at +6016-361-9357 for more information.


D. PTE Exam Registration

You can register for the exam yourself by logging in to the Pearson account / via MasterPTE. 

The only difference is that : 

** If you register yourself from the PEARSON website, it will be RM 750. 

** If you register via MasterPTE, you can get a 10% discount. 

If you want us to register for the PTE Exam, please let us know the test date, test time & test venue you preferred. 

You can check out the availability of the exam here .

Notify Master PTE @ +6016-361-9357 / email us at

Bank in RM 675 rather than RM 750 to the below account :

Maybank Account : 562227349772

Account Name      : Master PTE Consultation Services

We can’t reserve the slots until it is registered and we can only register for the PTE exam after the full payment is received. 

If you are in a hurry, please register for the exam on your own by logging in to the Pearson account. 

We’ll schedule the exam within 24 hours after the payment!

Once the exam is scheduled, you will receive an email from Pearson. 

#Please make sure you read the PEARSON policy, and please check all your details including your name and test dates before the real exam. 

** The exam fee is to be paid to PEARSON, therefore MasterPTE is not able to provide you with the receipt. 

Pearson will email you the receipt. 

All the best for the PTE Exam! 

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