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There will be some changes in PTE from 16th November 2021! Yes, you heard me right! PTE is changing but don’t worry! It’s not getting any harder and we want to let you know about the changes before you get shocked in the exam!

What is changing?

1st : The PTE duration It has reduced from 3 hours - 2 hours.

This is a good news for those who hated long hours exam!


2nd : As the PTE duration become shorter, the PTE Questions are becoming lesser.

There will be NO changes in PTE questions type. I mentioned it again, there will be NO changes in PTE questions type. All the task types in PTE Exam remain the same as before, and there will be NO changes in the marking scheme as well.

**The ONLY changes are the number of questions in each task types and the duration of the exam.


Test timing changes


Below are the changes on the test timing :

1st : The several testing time - approximately 2 hours

2nd: The 10 minutes optional break will be removed in the 2 hour PTE Exam.

3rd : The timing for each sections will be shorter.

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Question type changes

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PTE Mock Test

New Version of PTE Mock test will be available on 27th October 2021.

For those who are taking the PTE Exam after 16th November 2021, you are going to get a shorter PTE Exam and it is highly recommend to run a MOCK test to familiarise with the changes before your real attempt!

4th : PTE Academic Online

There’s an option to do PTE Academic Online from 16th November 2021.

- A quiet, private location

- A reliable computer with a webcam

- A wired headset - A strong internet

- The ability to download and run the OnVUE testing software.

However, it is NOT accepted by the government for visa purposes.

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5th : The Score Report

Enabling skill will not show up in the score report anymore. However, an additional report providing test takers feedback will be available to the test takers so that they can identify their strength and weakness and improve in the future study.

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Summary :

What’s Changing ?

1: PTE Exam become shorter
2:Number of questions types become lessor
3: Slight changes on PTE Score Report

What’s NOT changing?
1: Difficulty of the exam
2: The marking scheme
3: PTE Format & Sequence of the questions.
4: PTE requirement

All the best on your PTE Exam!

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